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11 December 2011

Inspired by Art Deco..

Midnight in Paris.. 

I was very lucky to have an opportunity to attend amazing exhibition called "Art Deco style" collected and created by costume designer and fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. He also gave incredibly inspiring lecture "Fashion Icons of the 20th century". It was a year ago..
Than some time ago I read an article which reminded me about the Art Deco period in fashion and life style and recently I saw the movie "Midnight in Paris" where were all the fashion icons Alexandre Vassiliev was talking about in his lecture and after I read about their life style in article.. So, I was really inspired by the Art Deco period..  

This is a story of my mood board I've created for my collection.. BTW this will be my first collection, so, we'll see.. ;) 

[Art Deco originated in Europe and became known after the correct name of the 1925 Paris Exhibition. The exhibition was called The Great Exposition Des Arts Modernes Decoratifs Et Industriels. The style was most popular in the Stylish Thirties as well as between 1920 and 1940 by which time it had refined itself. The artist Erté was a master of Art Deco. The sets and costumes for stage and film that he designed influenced other fashion designers between 1915 and 1936.] http://www.artandculture.com 

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