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07 June 2010

Report from the streets of Riga..

Recently I did the guest post for the absolutely great fashion and music blog Pink Dossier.. So, I decided to share it with you too..

 I'm glad to share a post with you about the people and fashion from the streets of my home Riga, Latvia. Naturally, I'm from Riga, the capital of Latvia. All the pictures were taken by me, Victoria Passion, on the streets of Riga.

We are all so different and that's so amazing. If it wasn’t so the world would be uninspiring and a complete disaster!

What I appreciate the most is diversity. We all have fashion--fashion is everywhere--on the streets, in the window-cases, in magazines, everywhere, but style is the gift which not all of us have.

I was lucky to catch few a of the most stylish men in the Riga:

Juris Lisenko is a musician/singer and one of the most stylish men in Latvia. I was at the beauty salon "Stila Galerija" and caught him there in his stylish pants from Vivienne Westwood. 

Janis Strapcans is another musician/singer and friend of mine who I also caught on the streets. He's got his style and that's why he doesn't need the fashion. He is always smiling and that makes him so charming.

I like the people who think about their fashion and their style before they leave the home. I don't care if I like it or not, or whether or not I would  wear it too. I care about the colours in their outfit, I like to see how they are playing with them, how they mix them. I care about the message that every outfit gives. I care about the creativity and simplicity, about femininity and masculinity...and about a lot more.

While I was looking at the people on the streets some of them were looking at me too :)

This was the short report from the streets of Riga by


Anonymous said...

Great post!


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

wow these people are all so stylish, love the bog <3


Victoria said...

Thanks girls... ;)
The fashion begins on the streets..

xxx VP xxx

Annie said...

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Prad Savania said...

Wow, you have a very cool blog here....loving the theme - So refreshing and calming

Check out my shoe design blog too? All my designs are hand-drawn also...Keep up the great work and take care....x


peek-a-boo said...

superiigi.... pirmaaa bilde zini no kurienes tas t-shirt???

VPassion said...

Sorry, mana atbilde ar baigo novēlošanos.. Jurim, ja? Nezinu gan! :) Mēs vairāk par biksēm runājām.. :)