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Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

14 May 2010

Fashion Trend - Hot pants..

More and more we can see underwear as the outerwear.. One of this Spring/Summer Must Haves is definitely the hot pants or at least boy shorts..

Two basic rules for the hot pants:
You have to be very confident personality, otherwise you'll feel yourself very badly and of course you'll look the same way..
You have to be on a great figure..

Inspiration board for hot pants..

I'm think I'm gonna buy some hot pants.. and I like the hot pants combination with blazer or blouse.. and high heels.. mmm.. I'm getting quite exiting about wearing hot pants.. By the way having some nice hot pants would be great way how to cheer myself up for my everyday running.. one more important thing, regarding some statistics - legs are the part of woman body which the men notice first.. So, girls lets be well shaped and lets show our beautiful legs to the world..
What are your thoughts about hot pants? Do you have ones? or Will you buy ones? If you have ones, please tell us where you bought them.. I guess I wouldn't be the only one who would like to know that.. :)

Always well shaped
Always yours,

P.S. If you need any suggestions about healthy lifestyle, please feel free to ask me.. I would be glad to help with some advices or even more..
I'm considering to start consulting the people professionally about the healthy food and life, because I don't like what I see on the streets lately.. We need to care more about ourselves..


Anonymous said...

I love this trend I recently bought the cutest hot pants from American Apparel, they have some really great ones!


Heidi said...

I totally agree with your statement- "I don't like what I see on the streets lately.. We need to care more about ourselves"

I have no idea why people can't dress a little more appropriatly and take care of themselves. I guess we will never know :(

Good luck with consulting! :)

Victoria said...

Thank you Heidi! I would be glad if I could help at least one person and she or he would feel better and look better.. So, I'm gonna try! :)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts: I WANT SOME :D
P.S. Love your blog, I followed :)

Anonymous said...

Love it, this but I need to work on my legs just a little bit longer lol.

agnes said...

c'est vrai qu'elles ont des jambes magnifiques

Veronica Falco said...

I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


Victoria said...

Thanks girls! I definitely gonna get some hot pants! :)
Empress, the best way to have a beautiful legs is to run! :) I'm running almost every day, and believe me that works!

Hotpants Shop said...

I like hotpants. They are the most sexy (under)wear on earth.

Not to compare with tanga or string.

VPassion said...

Completely agree with you! ;)