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Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

29 May 2010

Fashion Art Series Blog Event


Vintage Vogue..
VOGUE has been the guide in fashion and life for the millions of women all around the world since the year 1892..

Colourful Nowadays..
Always so full of passion.. full of Style & Strength of a Woman.. 

B&W flaming Passion on VOGUE.. 

This is how my journey through the VOGUE ends.. only for now.. 

Thanks to my lovely fellow blogger Kristy from Vogue Gone Rouge who had this wonderful idea about Fashion Art Series Blog Event.. 

Visit other lovely & very creative fashion bloggers who took a part in The Fashion Art Series Blog Event and see their Fashion Art series..

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Miss Galino said...

i haven't even seen some of the pictures (love it!)!

the black and white one would be my favourite :)

kristy eléna said...

this is SO COOL!!!! what a wonderful idea. i love each one for different reasons, i can't choose a favorite! =)

do you have a favorite? if so, why?? i love hearing the way artists think about their own projects.

Randolph Black said...

This was awesome. And a true testament to the power of Vogue Magazine as a mainstay in the fashion industry. In fact, Vogue supersedes most of the design houses that it writes about. Fabulous job!

MarchMusings said...

What a great collage of Vogue moments. It truly is The Fashion Authority.

Victoria said...

Thank you all..
Kristy, my favourite definitely is the Black&White one.. Because that collage reflects me.. I love the B&W pictures and emotions in these pictures..
Vogue has always been and always will be more than just a fashion magazine..

Rebecca Lau said...

oooo really love your images you have done
well done :D!!

Victoria said...

Thank you Rebecca! ;)

Margaret said...

loves these!
great blog!
loving your posts
stop by some time xx