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11 May 2010

The corset..

"The corset is a garment with a long and controversial history. A rigid bodice, usually incorporating vertical and diagonal boning, and laced together, the corset was designed to shape the female torso to the fashionable silhouette of the period. Corsets have been worn by women in the Western world from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century, at which point girdles and brassieres replaced them. Men, especially dandies and military officers, have also sometimes worn corsets. The primary significance of the corset, however, is its role as an essential element of women’s fashionable dress for a period of about 400 years." ~Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion

I adore corsets because nothing can make your body more beautiful and magnetic than sophisticated corset.. I love that we can see the details from underwear on the streets and in the night clubs.. But there is one huge "but", it has to be well-becoming with the place you are and of-course with your body type..

[VP: Every woman should have at least one corset.. Because nothing can be more powerful than sexy woman.. Man can't resist the woman in gorgeous corset..]

Always yours,


Aury said...

I love corsets!!!! I wish I had one.

RoseBarbie said...

great post...now that you talked about that I remembered that I have one too buried somewhere in my closet...cant wait to wear it :)

Victoria said...

Aury, you have to have at least one! ;)
Thank you RoseBarbie! Find it definitely and wear it to some party and you'll see you are gonna be the lady No1 at the party! ;)

Dulce said...

I've always wanted to have one... after this I'll go get one for sure... though it's hard to find these days Ain't it?
Thanks for the info!

he he Word VErification : MAGICAL!

Victoria said...

Thanks Dulce! ;)

Dulce go and get several! Probably it's not so easy to find the one you like, because not just a design of corset but also the quality is very important.. But if you see the one you like, don't even think just grab it! ;)

agnes said...

j'adore, je trouve que cela fait très joli