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25 April 2010

What to wear on a date!?!?

I just gave an advice at Polyvore.com and thought why not to make a post about it! We all date and we all are always thinking what to wear..

One basic rule for whole life - all guys like high heels.. And we all know why we date.. And outfit is that thing which talks first..

Three simple advices from Victoria Passion:

Wear something feminine, because when the man is asking you to a date, he wants to date with the woman not with the guy..

DON't overdo with sexy, feminine look if you're not used to it.. Because nothing can foul up the date like wrong outfit in which you don't feel yourself comfy..

Simply be yourself!! + just a little bit more feminine and wear high heels.. Make him feel that this is something special for you..

Always be yourself, self-confident and have fun in your dates and in whole life! Because life is just a game we are playing and while the game is not over enjoy it!

Always yours,

P.S. High heels because that makes your body look much more lovable.. even if you are well shaped..


Kid Couture said...

I agree, especially with the high heels bit. Guys love a lady in heels.

Victoria said...

See girls.. I'm sure that 99% of men would say the same.. ;)
Ladies, lets wear heels!