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12 April 2010

Alexander McQueen label.. April 12 at the year 2000..

Today on April 12 at the year 2000 Alexander McQueen signed a deal with Gucci!
"I am very excited having concluded this agreement with Gucci Group," said McQueen. "My label and the future of 'Alexander McQueen' are incredibly important to me and I believe that this partnership will prove a great success."
Alexander McQueen label will continue living in the Gucci Group.. Is it wrong or right? Wrong because nobody can replace Alexander McQueen.. All they will make will be nothing else than plagiarism.. But it's also right, because the spirit of Alexander McQueen will continue living through this label.. What's your thoughts?
"Lee Alexander McQueen was a pure genius and a poet who was imaginative and original. His art went beyond the fashion world. The Alexander McQueen trademark will live on. This is the best tribute that we could offer to Lee." said PPR boss Francois-Henri Pinault in a statement..

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Dulce said...

This is such a interesting blog!
thanks for the info!


Victoria said...

Thanks, Dulce! ;) I'm really glad you like it..

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about this, long live McQueen :)


Tangerine Fairy said...

I'm a huge of fan of McQueen; while he is irreplaceable, I still would like to see the line continue, so yes I'm for it!

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