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Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

27 April 2010

Fashion Trend - Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts at this Summer is supplemented with Boyfriend Blazers..

Some basic rules for wearing the Boyfriend Blazer:

Make it a little bit over sized.. It has to look like it would be borrowed from your boyfriend.. You have to go up only one size, blazer doesn't have to swallow you..

Roll up your sleeves.. It also will give the "borrowed from boyfriend" look, because sleeves would otherwise be too long for your arms.. also will expose your wrists and make you look more feminine..

Here you have my "Boyfriend Blazer inspiration board".. Hope you'll find some ideas for your look at this Spring..


Fiamma said...

I am not sure do I like this trend... may be I'm just too small and big clothes make me look even smaller :D:D:D

I am glad you had fun on saturday :)What did you do? Is you inspiration back :)



Victoria said...

Agree with you, because I'm also small.. But I like the look from Charlotte Ronson with the belt over the blazer.. I think it would fit to us.. :) And other good news is that this Summer trend is wedges and platforms, so we can be taller! :)
I went to a night club with my hubby and his friend and we had a really great time.. I danced a lot and as I already wrote, dancing is my passion right after the fashion..
I think my inspiration is back, I have new ideas just have too work on them..
Thank you again for your support!

Always yours,

Anonymous said...

I love this look, the Hermes look really inspires me.

Victoria said...

Me too, Empress.. Hermes is one of my very favorites..

Fiamma said...

Yeah I lve wedges and platforms... and all kinds of shoes really :) I'm almost always the high-heeled girl :) I fell in love with a pair of wedges in strativarius... too bad they didn't have my number :(

The new header is great! love it :)



Victoria said...

High heels are feminine..
I'm 99% high-heeled girl! :)
Thanks for the header.. I made it today, but I'm still not completely satisfied with it.. Probably, there will be some changes.. :)

Have a nice evening! ;)