“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

22 April 2010

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen

In conclusion of Alexander McQueen month on Victoria Passion some interesting facts from his life I found in marieclaire.co.uk..

"In 1996 Alexander McQueen became the youngest designer in history to win a British Designer of the Year Award, and would collect the title a further three times by 2003."

"He caused controversy in autumn 1998 with a show which included double amputee model Aimee Mullins striding down the catwalk on intricately carved wooden legs. His use of the unconventional model was a feature that stayed with him throughout his career, part of his quest to constantly provoke thought and push boundaries."

"In 2003, Alexander McQueen was granted an honour to cement him forever in the British history books, as Queen Elizabeth presented the designer with a CBE for his contribution to the fashion industry."

"Alexander McQueen was very friendly with Kate Moss: the two had had a longstanding working relationship but got on well together on a personal level too. McQueen demonstrated his support for Moss after a cocaine scandal, which hit British tabloids in 2005. Kate lost contracts with some big designer names, but Alexander McQueen strode out at the end of his fashion show wearing a T-shirt with the legend 'We love you Kate' emblazoned across the front."

"Following the death of Isabella Blow in May 2007, McQueen made his Spring/Summer 2008 collection a tribute to his friend and mentor. The invites to the show were poster-size illustrations depicting Isabella in a McQueen dress and Philip Treacy head piece, in a horse-drawn carriage ascending to heaven. If his audience were expecting a sombre, dark collection, they were, of course, sadly mistaken. A celebration of life, the catwalk was awash with bright colours and followed a bird theme, featuring highlights from throughout his career."

"The designer used his extraordinary talents to create brilliant pieces that made an impact on everyone who saw them. Poster girl for the larger lady, Beth Ditto acted as something of a muse for McQueen throughout 2008."

"Most recently, the late designer struck up a notable partnership with Lady Gaga, one of the few people who would actually dare to wear some of his most dramatic designs. For his part, McQueen had the models in his S/S 2010 collection storming down the runway to the sound of La Ga. In return, she showcased several pieces from the collection in her Bad Romance video – including those formidable 12-inch Armadillo shoes."


Anonymous said...

I loved the Lady Gaga outfit! Its so fitting that she would wear his shoes!


Carla said...

thanks for posting all the retrospective stuff in him. i miss his designs and feel like he was one of the greatest modern day designers we had.

Fiamma said...

RIP Alexander... He was a genious truly ... Thanks for this post


“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

Victoria said...

Thank you girls! I enjoyed a lot making his runway retrospectives because he was really a unique genius.. And I found out so much about him while I was making runway retrospective..