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20 April 2010

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen Runway Retrospective (Part 1)

Alexander McQueen launched his own line in 1992 and on one occasion used crushed beetles and human hair in a fashion show.. His presentations have always been full of unpredictable magic and madness. Picture below is the only one I found dated by the year 1992.. May be this is the picture from his MA collection, which was famously bought in its entirety by Isabella Blow (international style icon and magazine editor).. Isabella Blow bought it for 5,000£, by paying it off in weekly £100 installments.. Alexander McQueen was discovered..

[VP: You can never know when and where you can be discovered.. And in few days your entire life can be changed..]

I was really surprised when I found out that Alexander McQueen was in Latvia at the year 1992 as the student and he and other students come to Latvia to the eminent fashion event in Baltic States called "Untamed Fashion Assembly".. The Father of "Untamed Fashion Assembly" Bruno Birmanis found the old documents where Lee Alexander McQueen was in the list of the participants - students.. At that time McQueen was the student of Central Saint Martin’s..

As the April is Alexander McQueen's month in Victoria Passion I've decided to make his runaway retrospective.. So, this is the part 1.. Enjoy!

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1994

A/W 1994/1995


Kid Couture said...

Oh this is too cool!

Victoria said...

Thnx, Kid! I wanted to see all the works McQueen has done and decided why not to show it to my dear readers too... :) It's kind of interesting to see all the shows one by one and feel his spirit.. how he was moving through the life.. all his infinite and unique ideas.. and see his hand.. I enjoyed it a lot, so, hope you will enjoy it too.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love him! It's so true that you life could change in the blink of an eye when you meet the right people.


Fiamma said...

Great post! love it! and I am preparing as presentation about McQueen so it is helpful as well :)

Thanks girl :*



Victoria said...

Thanks & You're welcome, Fiamma.. ;) I'm glad, that I can help..

That is really true Empress.. You can never know what is waiting you behind the corner..