“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

30 April 2010


Rodarte is perfect example to all of us.. You need just to dare and follow your hart, and the miracles will happen every day in your life..

Rodarte as the brand is just 5 years old and already has been exhibited in National Design Museum of US.. Usually this kind of dignity is shown to a major fashion designers who have been working in this field for years and had conquered their place in the elite, very often only after their death their works are exhibited in museum..
Sisters Kate and Laura had no education in dressmaking but that didn't stop them.. They made 10 dresses and coats, packed them in to the suitcases and went to New York.. They had no idea what they are going to do in this huge and rough city and they had no friends there, they were completely alone.. Only thing they had was the will.. Soon, after the purposeful seeking for the opportunities in big city, they were noticed by the editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour.. After this fateful meeting the life for both sisters Kate and Laura had changed significantly..
In few seasons two unknown sisters from California become a well known designers with the very successful brand Rodarte.. They got the compliments from even the most snobbish fashion critics in Europa.. They already have got several important professional awards.. And I do believe we will see a lot more from these two sisters..

[VP: It's not important where you come from, what you have been or haven't been studying.. You can be what ever you want to be.. The most important thing in this life is to follow your hart, even if it doesn't seems logical for your mind.. Only the hart knows the right answers.. Believe in all you do, never let in any doubts..]

Dream and dare! :)
Always yours,

27 April 2010

Fashion Trend - Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts at this Summer is supplemented with Boyfriend Blazers..

Some basic rules for wearing the Boyfriend Blazer:

Make it a little bit over sized.. It has to look like it would be borrowed from your boyfriend.. You have to go up only one size, blazer doesn't have to swallow you..

Roll up your sleeves.. It also will give the "borrowed from boyfriend" look, because sleeves would otherwise be too long for your arms.. also will expose your wrists and make you look more feminine..

Here you have my "Boyfriend Blazer inspiration board".. Hope you'll find some ideas for your look at this Spring..

25 April 2010

What to wear on a date!?!?

I just gave an advice at Polyvore.com and thought why not to make a post about it! We all date and we all are always thinking what to wear..

One basic rule for whole life - all guys like high heels.. And we all know why we date.. And outfit is that thing which talks first..

Three simple advices from Victoria Passion:

Wear something feminine, because when the man is asking you to a date, he wants to date with the woman not with the guy..

DON't overdo with sexy, feminine look if you're not used to it.. Because nothing can foul up the date like wrong outfit in which you don't feel yourself comfy..

Simply be yourself!! + just a little bit more feminine and wear high heels.. Make him feel that this is something special for you..

Always be yourself, self-confident and have fun in your dates and in whole life! Because life is just a game we are playing and while the game is not over enjoy it!

Always yours,

P.S. High heels because that makes your body look much more lovable.. even if you are well shaped..

23 April 2010

The Oriental-Inspired Prada Spring 2010 Ad Campaign

22 April 2010

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen

In conclusion of Alexander McQueen month on Victoria Passion some interesting facts from his life I found in marieclaire.co.uk..

"In 1996 Alexander McQueen became the youngest designer in history to win a British Designer of the Year Award, and would collect the title a further three times by 2003."

"He caused controversy in autumn 1998 with a show which included double amputee model Aimee Mullins striding down the catwalk on intricately carved wooden legs. His use of the unconventional model was a feature that stayed with him throughout his career, part of his quest to constantly provoke thought and push boundaries."

"In 2003, Alexander McQueen was granted an honour to cement him forever in the British history books, as Queen Elizabeth presented the designer with a CBE for his contribution to the fashion industry."

"Alexander McQueen was very friendly with Kate Moss: the two had had a longstanding working relationship but got on well together on a personal level too. McQueen demonstrated his support for Moss after a cocaine scandal, which hit British tabloids in 2005. Kate lost contracts with some big designer names, but Alexander McQueen strode out at the end of his fashion show wearing a T-shirt with the legend 'We love you Kate' emblazoned across the front."

"Following the death of Isabella Blow in May 2007, McQueen made his Spring/Summer 2008 collection a tribute to his friend and mentor. The invites to the show were poster-size illustrations depicting Isabella in a McQueen dress and Philip Treacy head piece, in a horse-drawn carriage ascending to heaven. If his audience were expecting a sombre, dark collection, they were, of course, sadly mistaken. A celebration of life, the catwalk was awash with bright colours and followed a bird theme, featuring highlights from throughout his career."

"The designer used his extraordinary talents to create brilliant pieces that made an impact on everyone who saw them. Poster girl for the larger lady, Beth Ditto acted as something of a muse for McQueen throughout 2008."

"Most recently, the late designer struck up a notable partnership with Lady Gaga, one of the few people who would actually dare to wear some of his most dramatic designs. For his part, McQueen had the models in his S/S 2010 collection storming down the runway to the sound of La Ga. In return, she showcased several pieces from the collection in her Bad Romance video – including those formidable 12-inch Armadillo shoes."

21 April 2010

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen Runway Retrospective (Part 2)

[Photos: style.com; http://www.contemporaryfashion.net/]

20 April 2010

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen Runway Retrospective (Part 1)

Alexander McQueen launched his own line in 1992 and on one occasion used crushed beetles and human hair in a fashion show.. His presentations have always been full of unpredictable magic and madness. Picture below is the only one I found dated by the year 1992.. May be this is the picture from his MA collection, which was famously bought in its entirety by Isabella Blow (international style icon and magazine editor).. Isabella Blow bought it for 5,000£, by paying it off in weekly £100 installments.. Alexander McQueen was discovered..

[VP: You can never know when and where you can be discovered.. And in few days your entire life can be changed..]

I was really surprised when I found out that Alexander McQueen was in Latvia at the year 1992 as the student and he and other students come to Latvia to the eminent fashion event in Baltic States called "Untamed Fashion Assembly".. The Father of "Untamed Fashion Assembly" Bruno Birmanis found the old documents where Lee Alexander McQueen was in the list of the participants - students.. At that time McQueen was the student of Central Saint Martin’s..

As the April is Alexander McQueen's month in Victoria Passion I've decided to make his runaway retrospective.. So, this is the part 1.. Enjoy!

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1994

A/W 1994/1995

19 April 2010

Choose one..

Would you choose to be a romantic girl in Praying Mantis Print Bustier Dress or Femme fatale in Day-glo Spine Print Dress?
Choose one..

17 April 2010

Hand made in LV

Today I had a wonderful day! I discovered Hand made in LV.. It is the project which supports local artists in Latvia and offer original hand-made beauty things.. You can find there different jewelry - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair bands and buckles.. and a lot more.. In picture below you can see just a few thing.. But you can see more nice photos here.. If you like DIY, these photos could be very inspiring for you.. Or, if you'll visit Latvia, you'll know where to find beautiful gifts for your friends..

P.S. As you probably noticed, I like the best that buckle with furs.. :)
I'm having a party tonight & I hope you too will have a good time tonight..

Thnx for visiting Victoria Passion & have a passionate evening!

15 April 2010

[MOMENT] Alternative Fashion & Arts week - workshops

As I already wrote I had an amazing opportunity to attend [MOMENT] Alternative Fashion & Arts week. I had four days full of new friends, new knowledges and new discoveries..

"[MOMENT] week is based on organising a week of alternative fashion and arts, that reflects fashion as a lifestyle in all its forms." ~from [MOMENT] home page..

Every day all day long there were workshops, lectures and meetings with designers/artists.. And at the evening there were fashion shows..
The most exited I was about Fashion Design workshops with Ute Rathmann (to see her artworks click here).. All that Fashion Design thing was completely new to me.. I love fashion of course, but I just can't draw so, I never thought I could study Fashion Design..
First I thought that I will go and just look as the representative of Press what they are going to do there.. However, then I met Ute, and she changed essentially my percept about fashion designing and drawing.. I found out that drawing is nothing more than the training of your eyes.. Of course to become a great artist you need to have a gift, but also without the special gift you can learn to draw.. You just have to learn.. However, what was a real surprise for me that if you study fashion design you can copy the silhouette of the woman or man and just draw the clothes.. I always thought that if you study in Art Academy it's not really acceptable to copy.. For example, when Vivienne Westwood was a lecturer in Art Academy, she obliged her students to copy for two years.. So, when Ute told me a lot of interesting things and showed me some examples of not really gifted (at the beginning) students works, I was quite spellbound because the drawings were the same as the gifted students did..

[VP: Everything you can imagine is possible! Just start to create it in your imagination and you'll get it!]

Than I decided to stay and work with the students who almost all were from Art Academy of Latvia..

"The aim of this class is for the students to learn how to design a collection made out of twelve pieces and how to illustrate it in an aesthetic but also legible way. The students will be given three topics to choose from so that they can decide for themselves wether they prefer to work on a free and artistical theme or with a more practical approach. They can also decide in which drawing technique they would like to work, for example the collage-technique, copic-pens or watercolors." ~from [MOMENT] home page..

So, I started making my first mood-board or collage in my life.. And this is how that process looked like..

I recommend you all to make your mood board either it would be for your new collection if you are designing, either it would be for your next week collecting there everything you could be inspired from, because this making process is really cool.. Also your mood board characterizes you.. I was looking at my mood board and I saw there myself..

This is my first but definitely not last mood board..

Further this mood board should be my inspiration for the collection I would be designing..

This was the story about my first mood board and my findings, but there were also other students and their works.. To be continued..

12 April 2010

Alexander McQueen label.. April 12 at the year 2000..

Today on April 12 at the year 2000 Alexander McQueen signed a deal with Gucci!
"I am very excited having concluded this agreement with Gucci Group," said McQueen. "My label and the future of 'Alexander McQueen' are incredibly important to me and I believe that this partnership will prove a great success."
Alexander McQueen label will continue living in the Gucci Group.. Is it wrong or right? Wrong because nobody can replace Alexander McQueen.. All they will make will be nothing else than plagiarism.. But it's also right, because the spirit of Alexander McQueen will continue living through this label.. What's your thoughts?
"Lee Alexander McQueen was a pure genius and a poet who was imaginative and original. His art went beyond the fashion world. The Alexander McQueen trademark will live on. This is the best tribute that we could offer to Lee." said PPR boss Francois-Henri Pinault in a statement..

Related to Fashion Icon of this month - Alexander McQueen..

10 April 2010

[MOMENT] Alternative Fashion & Arts week

I haven't been writing quite a while, sorry about that, but I can tell you that during the last week I had amazing experience.. Victoria Passion got the accreditation as the Press for the [MOMENT] Alternative Fashion & Arts week. So, I had a chance to meet new people from different countries who work in the fashion field and also I attend different lectures and I took a part in workshops for fashion designers and of course every evening there were fashion shows & after-parties.. So, soon I will share all my impressions, new knowledges & pictures I got during last week with my you my dear readers..

Fashion Icon - Alexander McQueen

"Alexander McQueen was unique. His imagination had no limits, he had an amazing personality and his creativity was genius." ~Donatella Versace

Alexander McQueen was born in London on March 17th 1969.

Probably you have heard and read a lot about Lee Alexander McQueen especially during last two month, but this biography written by Donna W. Reamy I like the best because it shows more than just a brief description where he has been born and where he has been working.. Through this biography you can feel at least a little bit of his personality..

"Alexander McQueen is most notably known as the genius of various tailoring techniques. He has audaciously set a different fashion stage in England, where his outlandish fashion shows have brought energy and attention to a fairly quiet and conservative fashion market. The last extreme attention London received was back in the 1960s when Mary Quant entered with the mod look. McQueen's clothes are beautiful and wearable, but he receives most of his attention for his outrageous personality and vibrant character. He is a designer with the stamina to pursue and conquer the world of fashion; by the dawn of the 21st century, McQueen was a fashion icon in the making.

McQueen grew up in London, one of six children of a cab driver and a homemaker. His family struggled financially while McQueen was growing up, so to help the family along, he starting making dresses for his three sisters. At this point, his desire to become a fashion designer began to evolve. He expressed an interest to his parents about a career in fashion, and they were against it. "I was the pink sheep of the family!" McQueen told Elle magazine. His parents later became extremely supportive of his career and very proud of his accomplishments.

McQueen has truly grown up in the eyes of the fashion press. He left school at the age of 16 and landed an apprenticeship with Saville Row tailors Anderson & Shepard, later working for Gieves & Hawkes. McQueen has said, "It is important to learn the basics of cut and proportion." Through his apprenticeships, he mastered six methods of pattern cutting, from the 16th century to the present; his talented tailoring techniques are well known within the fashion industry.

At 20, McQueen worked as an assistant to designer Romeo Gigli in Milan, who was extremely impressed with his skills. After a short period working for Gigli, McQueen returned to London to study at Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design. He wanted to be admitted into the Masters of Art program but lacked a formal education. He showed his portfolio to the director of the school, who was very impressed with the work, and admitted the fledgling designer immediately. McQueen's first international exposure came while presenting his final collection at St. Martin's, and he received an enormous amount of press coverage.

McQueen launched his own line in 1992 and on one occasion used crushed beetles and human hair in a fashion show. His presentations have always been full of unpredictable magic and madness. "In the past, he has dressed models in chadors and hoisted them into the air, where they did somersaults and pirouettes until finally miming their own electrocution," wrote the Washington Post in December 2000. In1996 McQueen replaced John Galliano, ready-to-wear head designer at Givenchy's Haute Couture, but he was not embraced by the fashion press as a designer who was sophisticated enough to handle the Givenchy customer. He was viewed as too controversial and the same month he replaced Galliano, he also received notoriety as British Designer of the Year.

Within two years, McQueen was unhappy at Givenchy, and in an interview in Arena magazine, dared his employers to fire him. But before his contract expired, he sold a 51-percent stake in his own label to rival Gucci. Owning the remaining interest in his company still allowed him to have full creative independence. During the breakup with Givenchy, McQueen produced some of his most beautiful clothes to date in his career. The show once again was very controversial, with the setting in an insane asylum. The show, however, confirmed his reputation of producing fashion with an edge.

In the early 2000s, McQueen was concentrating on his own label under a Gucci-McQueen partnership. He was quoted in an article in WWD (5 June 2000) saying, "It hasn't been as easy as it seems leaving Givenchy and being able to focus strictly on McQueen. Now I'm seeing all the mistakes we made in the past…. At some stage, you have to grow up. It's important now that people focus on the clothes rather than someone in a clown suit." McQueen continued working on his own line, redesigning the label and packaging, a new store design, preparing the launch of a fragrance in 2003, considering a cosmetics line under the Gucci Group, as well as overseeing the licensing of his eyewear.

Alexander McQueen is a designer who has carved his own career path in the fashion industry. He is a workaholic who keeps moving forward despite the sometimes negative media surrounding him. He is an artist, not just a fashion designer, who does not let the commercial value of his clothing take away from the controversial presentation necessary to draw attention to his creations."

~Donna W. Reamy

This was short introduction to Icon of this month - Alexander McQueen..

Collection retrospectives, facts and a lot more will follow soon..

06 April 2010

I've started my new regular topic Fashion Icon.. Every month you will have the chance to vote for famous fashion people you would like to know more about.. So, you'll decide who is going to be the Fashion Icon of month..
Fashion Icon of April.. Probably you have heard already a lot about Lee Alexander McQueen.. Bu there is no other way - he has to be Victoria's Passion first Fashion Icon of the month..

Thank you for following Victoria Passion..

04 April 2010

Happy Easter..

01 April 2010

Choose one..

Which set would you choose with these gorgeous Alexander McQueen boots?

Shorts or Skirt? Hmm...
I would choose skirt.. And you?