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Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

01 March 2010


“Sexiness is in Gucci's DNA but maybe I interpret it differently, being a woman and dressing women of my generation.” ~Frida Giannini

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Frida Giannini pleasantly surprised me with GUCCI Fall 2010 collection..

She shows us how businesslike and serious women still can be absolutely sexy and desirable.. Nothing too much and nothing too short..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Absolutely my favorite trend of this year are leg-fitting thigh boots reaching up to the hemline.. I love these boots.. But my suggestion is to be careful with them if you will wear too short dress or skirts with them you can look really really terrible..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

I'm not a fan of Gucci bags but these two I would love to buy, specially the white one..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

I want to pay attention to make-up too.. I like this natural and at the same time expressive glance..

But that's just my opinion.. Feel free to shear your thoughts..

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