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31 March 2010

Look back on Riga Fashion Week - Narciss

"NARCISS is committed to help women to fell in love with their reflection once and forever." Find out more www.narciss.lv/..

NARCISS is the brand name made by Alise Trautmane.
"The ultimate aim of the pret-a-porte brand NARCISS, deriving its name from the Greek mythology, is to make a woman love her reflection - either it is in the mirror or in the eyes of the men surrounding her." from www.narciss.lv

To create NARCISS collection F/W 2010/2011 Alise Trautmane got inspired by the legendary hero of the Latvian epic Lāčplēsis or Bear-slayer in English..

At the origin Lačplēsis was a man but NARCISS has transformed the legend and now there is not a physical but there is spiritual fight between Her and the Black Knight once started by Lāčplēsis..
I couldn't resist to add also the photos from the NARCISS catalog cause I like them too much, and for these photos I have to say thanks to fashion blogger Anii.. Visit her site and you'll know more about fashion in Latvia.. www.anii.lv/ And believe me there is a lot more..

"NARCISS provides sophisticated glamour for women following the latest fashion trends, yet not that slavishly and keeping their own personal style." from www.narciss.lv

"NARCISS encourages women to mix the kitschy, humorous themes of the season with something that is flatering and elegant, and they will shine and glitter attracting all the eyes." from www.narciss.lv


Clare said...

This collection is beautiful! I'm sure i've worked with that model in the past...

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Nadege said...

oh my gosh - narciss is a genius.
adoring the gray palette.

Victoria said...

Thoroughly agree with you, Nadege..

The Shoe Snob said...

there are some beautiful pieces in this collection and some shoes that are stunning that I am sure that my fiancee would love


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Cheryl Clarke said...

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