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30 March 2010

Look back on Riga Fashion Week - Katya Shehurina

Katya Shehurina is one of the most perspective designers f Latia.. Her brand name is "KatyaKatya Shehurina".. Find out more at http://www.shehurina.com/.

After she graduated prestigious fashion design school ESMD (Paris, France) in the year 2007, she started to develop her own brand and now she actively takes part in many local and international fashion events like: Riga Fashion Week, the fashion exhibition "Who's next" in Paris, the exhibition "ROOMS" in Tokyo, "Defile on Neva" in Saint-Petersburg and others..

Womens wear created by Katya Shehurina is sold in Riga, Saint-Petersburg, Dubai, Kuwait and Japan..

About this collection.. Snow queen - eternal story of eternal love..

She makes your own personal style by mixing different garments..

Reality & fairytale.. Simple shapes & ladylike.. Hand made elements & transformable accessories..

Thanks to Marc Litvyakoff for these gorgeous fotos.. Visit his website http://www.litvyakoff.lv/
and you will see more really beautiful fotos..


Kid Couture said...

Oh boy what stylish looks! I had no idea Riga was that cool...very impressed!

Victoria said...

Oh yes Kid! ;) Riga is really stylish city.. next week we have other fashion event - "Moment".. Looks like it will be quite surprising.. keep following and you'll see it too..

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