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03 March 2010

Look back on the MFW

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

That's why the first you have to think about in Fall is a coat.. The coat will be the first thing which a lot of people will see you wearing.. So, choose the coat not just for casual wear but choose a coat which expresses your nature.. However, don't forget that you can have more than just one nature..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Aquilano.Rimondi made something airy, light and romantic.. With belt, they make an accent on waist what makes it look more feminine.. The colors are bright.. Fabrics and furs are light..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Max Mara chose military silhouettes.. Strict lines, dark colors and two rows of buttons make an impression that you are the strong, self-reliant and smart woman..

I was really glad to see that my very favorite fur-vests are still in fashion.. Several designers had fur-vests in their collections..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

I love the Mongolian lamb fur vest made by Maurizio Pecoraro.. I definitely prefer wearing it with belt.. Luisa Beccaria also had a fur's vest, but for me there had been missing a belt..

Furthermore, I like this three-quarter-sleeve coat where you can wear subtle gloves and feel yourself like sophisticated lady.. I love this combination!

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

More leather and furs we can see and draw inspiration in Dsquared² Fall collection..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Bold womanhood is in Francesco Scognamiglio collection.. There we can find the classy style combined with mini.. I adore jabot.. You can just add it to some simple thing, and it will make you look gorgeous..


[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

The Knits, silk, furs and furry mukluks all of it were combined amazingly well.. And I even got the feeling that I want to go skiing but only dressed in D&G.. Very inspiring collection..

Roberto Cavalli..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

“a wonderful girl ... her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.” ~Roberto Cavalli

I think this quote shows the characteristics of Cavalli woman.. So, I'd like to draw attention to the shoes.. Be visible in Fall with gorgeous boots with open toe and over the knee boots with tiger printings..

Luisa Beccaria.. I love the way she presents the knee-high socks with perfect platform shoes - simply, dressy and exquisite..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Some more sets I liked in MFW..

Salvatore Ferragamo..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Gianfranco Ferre.. Prada.. Moschino..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

"It's hard to go with a trend. As soon as it's out, everyone picks it up. It's important to stay true to yourself. Have fun with fashion instead of letting it dictate." ~Estella Warren

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