“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

08 February 2010

Knight on a white horse or better in Bentley..

Passion can't live without sex.. Sex is the thing which rules the world.. Without sex we wouldn't look at men and men wouldn't look at women and just imagine what would happen than!? 

So girls we have to be sexy not just for ourselves but also for all human race! 

Being sexy doesn't mean that you have to wear as less as it's possible and show as much as it's possible..  Not at all! Actually it is complete disaster if you look like stripper on the street. If you want to meet knight on a white horse, what in nowadays means handsome and polite man in Bentley who will treat you like a Princess you have to be sexy what means being gorgeous, smart and passionate, sensual, with sophisticated taste and many, many more but not boring.. 

So I suggest you to think about spring, when love comes around everywhere.. 

Find yourself an inspiration!

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