“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Hebbel (1813 - 1863)..

26 February 2010

Look back on the LFW

As you can see I have just two favorites in this year LFW which I have highlighted and those are - my beloved Burberry and admirable Issa..

But at the same time I'd like to call attention to few more fascinating performances..

House of Holland

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Henry Holland made absolutely fresh, fun and romantic image of the woman.. He included two of my very favorite trends of this year - cute knee-high socks which were topped with nice gold-chain prints and very high platform shoes which were made by Charlotte Olympia. Well done, Henry!

If you want something practical and easy you probably need something from Jaeger London..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

..or if you want something warm and pleasant Julien Macdonald is the one you are looking for..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Louise Goldin slipped in to a future and let us feel like a quite sexy space soldier..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Highlight yourself with something made by Nathan Jenden cause she knows how to do this..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Unique is really unique.. Sorry, but not really in my style, but I like that country breeze..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

As the last and the most appreciated I have to mention the great designer Vivienne Westwood..

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

If you want others to draw attention to you just wear something dressy and provocative or independent an impassive from Vivienne Westwood..

And so LFW has closed.. I hope you enjoyed it..

London Fashion week Fall 2010 - Burberry

[Photo: Marcio Madeira / Style.com]

Burberry Fall 2010 collection is absolutely stunning.. As I saw it I just fell in love with those amazing boots—either right up to the thigh.. I imagine how comfortable and cozy I would feel myself in such boots when the weather outside wouldn't be so perfect.. And those lovely coats and those awesome jackets.. Mmm.. I even couldn't choose which pictures to publish..

Burberry woman is absolutely magnificent and effective..

25 February 2010

London Fashion week Fall 2010 - Issa

Issa Fall 2010

[photos - style.com]

Really great collection. I would love to wear it all, almost.. What I really do suggest you at the Fall 2010 is to wear platform botilions, which will let you look bold and sexy just like Issa woman.. Short and also long ladylike dresses are the most effective weapon of the woman.. Don't forget that also the make-up and hairstyle has to alert that you are a lady with strong will..

I love the image of confident, businesslike lady who definitely knows what she is going to do today..

23 February 2010

Get ready for the Spring..

~Christian Dior woman in this Spring is hot.. She wears high heels and short skirts.. She is provocative, smoldering femme fatale with a side-parted, over-one-eye hairdo and red lips..

~Akris woman is ready to close the big deal in business dressed classy with the clean lines.. She always reaches her aims.. The colors (mostly gray, white and brown) and the great fabrics make Akris collection so elegant..

~Blumarine woman in this Spring is bright and feminine.. She knows what she is worth..

~Alexander Wang She wears knee high socks with sandals.. Her side-braided hairstyle.. young, restless and creative..

[Pictures from Style.com]

22 February 2010

Something tasteful..

It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!

~Mark Twain

Donna Karan highlights femininity in her collection for this Spring and as always she is excellent making a woman into desirable lady.

I love that she emphasizes the waist.. The length of the skirts is perfect, it makes the woman look sexy but not nasty.. This is outfit that fits to self-confident, desirable and lucky lady..

[Pictures from style.com]

12 February 2010

He perfectly knew what real women need..

Alexander McQueen..

He perfectly knew what real women need - passion, sexuality, sensuality and strength..

The world will miss you Alex...

11 February 2010

Let's take a look how to become a Princess to your Knight in Bentley?!

"Shoes can change a woman's life. High heels are empowering. I've seen people come into my shops and take off their shoes and put on my shoes and all of a sudden they start strutting their stuff. I change the way they behave." said Terry de Havilland.

Your shoes are a reflection of your personality.. cause if you'll be wearing a pair of killer heels, the rest is mere detail..



The rest can be a casual wear but still you'll look gorgeous and believe me Knight will notice that! 


See, Sarah wears nothing special (actually my opinion is that this set could suit only for house cleaning) but shoes are just perfect - very high heels which makes you look really sexy..

This set is perfect for work specially if you have some important meetings or you want to impress someone or just want to get a promotion..


Like this should be your casual look. . Of course dear don't forget about physical characteristics.. 

Good luck! 

09 February 2010

Lets get in style for Spring 2010..

08 February 2010

Sexy.. romantic.. sensual and smart..

Knight on a white horse or better in Bentley..

Passion can't live without sex.. Sex is the thing which rules the world.. Without sex we wouldn't look at men and men wouldn't look at women and just imagine what would happen than!? 

So girls we have to be sexy not just for ourselves but also for all human race! 

Being sexy doesn't mean that you have to wear as less as it's possible and show as much as it's possible..  Not at all! Actually it is complete disaster if you look like stripper on the street. If you want to meet knight on a white horse, what in nowadays means handsome and polite man in Bentley who will treat you like a Princess you have to be sexy what means being gorgeous, smart and passionate, sensual, with sophisticated taste and many, many more but not boring.. 

So I suggest you to think about spring, when love comes around everywhere.. 

Find yourself an inspiration!